Hi, I'm Brittany.

I've always done my best to have a "pretty" life. I made good grades. I was polite and respectful. I was sugary sweet, and always put-together. But on the inside, I struggled with depression for years on end. It took several months of counseling, the encouragement of a sweet blonde boy, and the enduring support from my best friends to get me to take off my blinders, but mostly, the credit goes to God. 

After overcoming those several years of depression, graduating college, and getting married, I suddenly found myself learning to lay down my life for God... and it changed everything. Since then, That’s Pretty Ace has become a place to share the truth of the gospel with other women. It’s the place to lay down our best efforts for a “pretty” life and admit the mess. It’s a testament to God’s enduring faithfulness.

I started the blog in 2013, with the intent of creating a women’s lifestyle blog covering a variety of topics from recipes, to style tips, to travel, to hosting. By December of that year, however, I had begun to realize that blogging wasn’t as satisfying as I had hoped it would be. I considered shutting it down. But instead, God claimed it for Himself

I've talked about my "coffee dates with God", admitted that I'm messy, and shared my biggest fear. I did a series on the basics of blogging, and had the opportunity to shine the spotlight on some of my wonderfully creative friends. I opened up about praying for friendship. I went to a conference and bumped into Jennie Allen on my way to the bathroom. I’ve had the honor of sharing so many women's stories. I’ve been able to use my gifts in graphic design and photography to serve others – this has become one of the most powerful ways God has spoken into my life.

I'm passionate about encouraging women to dig deep into the Word in order to truly know and walk with Jesus. I long for women to see that knowing Jesus produces both renewed hearts and action – that with God as the first priority, our whole lives change. 

If my wildest dreams came true, we wouldn't be typing/reading this on a computer screen – we'd be sitting at my kitchen table with hot mugs of coffee (and there would be lots of hugging). But even if that doesn't ever happen... my hope is that we would become good friends here, because God is really good at using the internet for His glory. Let's share joy together. 

(If you're looking for a fancy bio sheet, you can see that here.)

*The name That's Pretty Ace began as a phrase Brittany and her friend Paisley used to use in high school; "that's pretty ace". It also refers fondly to Gilmore Girls. Enjoy.

Video created by the lovely & talented Rosalee Chan