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When we got back from our honeymoon, I placed an order from Stickygram. I'd been wanting to try their magnets for awhile, and I love that they're so Instagram-friendly! You sign into Instagram directly from the Stickygram site, choose the images you'd like to order, and they will mail you a sheet of 9. The magnets are a decent size - almost 2 inches square. And at $15 a sheet with free shipping, they're a great deal. 



We love getting to look at pictures from our wedding weekend and honeymoon every day. The kitchen is part of our living space, so it's nice having magnets that look good. These would also make a great gift - you could send your girl friend your favorite pictures together, or give your mom all those pictures you took on your latest family trip. What would you order? I'd love to know!

All images via That's Pretty Ace


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