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5 Tips to Beat the Blues


Sometimes you just need a reminder to see that the glass is half full. Every season is different with it's own set of challenges, and it's easy for me to feel overwhelmed. And with winter coming, the change in temperature and lighting can take a toll on my mood as well. I've been finding that there are a few things that are guaranteed to make me feel better... see if these work for you, too!

01. Breathe.  In moments when you're really upset, just take a minute to breathe. Count backwards from 10 to 1. In yoga, the "cool down" time of just resting and breathing is considered the most important part of the session. Re-center. I've also enjoyed praying out loud on my drive to work. It's easy for me to trail off if I'm praying just in my head, so starting off my morning this way puts such a good focus on the rest of my day.

02. Get outside. I'm trying to be more consistent in my workouts, and I've realized I have more motivation to do it and feel more satisfied afterwards if I spend my time outside. Just enjoying fresh air, trees, clouds, and sunshine can do you miles and miles of good. Chris and I have started going on walks together and gosh, it's been such a great way to refresh.

03. Eat clean. I'm awful about wanting comfort food when I'm stressed. Give me mac n' cheese, dang-it! However...  if I choose to make healthy eating choices on crazy days, I end up feeling so much better at night. Your stomach is very much tied to your emotions, and although I don't get sick if I'm eating poorly, it does effect me emotionally. Plus, eating healthy on nutty days gives me the energy I need to push through it!

04. Go to Petsmart on a Saturday and pet a puppy. Or offer to walk your friend's dog. Or walk your own dog. Really, reminding yourself that there are sweet creatures on this Earth who contain unconditional love is one of the greatest ways to remind yourself that life is good. Phoebe works well for this in our house :)

05. Nothing beats a good dance session. The best feeling is getting in my car and turning up the JT. Or dancing around the apartment with Chris.* Sometimes you just need to let loose!  

I hope this helps you next time you get in a funk. Shake it off, shake it off!

*Just for clarification, we are not dancers. I hope that when you visualized that sentence you did not see two ballroom dancers, but instead two very uncoordinated people wiggling around to JT. And one of us holding a cat. I just want to give y'all the truth.  

Image via That's Pretty Ace

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