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Happy Friday!

Happy weekend to you! We're excited to recharge by visiting with family and friends. But I could definitely add a slice of pie to my itinerary... (doesn't that blueberry above look delicious?). 

+ some links for you: 
The power of "don't" versus "can't".
Dogs are people, too.
An incredible personal project that has me majorly inspired.
Ever wondered how to make the best French toast?
Call me creepy, but I totally want to read this book.
• This video of a parrot dancing is everything. (his little squawks are the best!)

PS - did you enter to win the "Courage, Strength, Hope" print? Taylor and I are so excited to put the spotlight on breast cancer awareness. Just share who you think of when it comes to courage, strength, and love - comment on Tuesday's post or spread the word on social media with the tag #tpafindacure

Image via 100 Layer Cake

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