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Gettin' Spooky

It doesn't take much to make a place feel festive! Here are a few ideas to get your Halloween party going... 



01. Miniature Haunted House | You can get these little houses at Hobby Lobby on the cheap, then spray paint black (or in this case, chalkboard!). Add yellow tissue paper windows and you're set! I love that in this case, they set the house in a dish of black beans/seeds and added a black spray painted Lego tree. 



02. Hand-Drawn Balloon Ghouls | All you need for these guys are balloons and a sharpie (and maybe some cute black and white baker's twine). Draw on some ghoulish faces for a fun party backdrop. I'd tape them to the floor along a wall, like in the image above. 



03. Gold Branches | Grab a few stray branches from your backyard - or local park? - and go to town with the gold spray paint. I especially love how a vase of these would translate easily to Thanksgiving and holiday decor. They'd also look great laying down across a mantle, or as a table centerpiece. 



04. Black & White Washi-Tape Cups | Such an easy way to jazz up cheap party necessities. Good-bye, red solo cup! If you're using multiple patterns, this also helps people not to get their drinks confused. 



05. Fabric Streamers | These fabric streamers would be fun to make and add such a huge impact. Small embroidery hoops would be strong enough to tie knot the fabric to, then hang from the ceiling - or maybe your ceiling fan? It would also be easy to make a backdrop along a wall in the same way - just knot long strips of fabric to strong rope. I'm digging the above patterns and colors, just replace the mint shades with orange. 

Hope this inspires your holiday a bit :) Halloween can be such a sassy, graphic occasion! Happy haunts to you all (and let me know if you try any of these)!


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