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Happy Friday!


Isn't this the perfect phrase for the season? I went ahead and made it a desktop background for you :) And an iPhone background!

+ here are some links for your weekend:  
• The kid in me is so excited to see this movie.
This list of historic Dallas restaurants has me intrigued... especially the precious HP Soda Fountain!
• Ever wondered what Dum Dum's mystery flavor actually is?
• The best Twitter conversation you will read today (fyi, a little language is involved). 
An Idaho sportscaster went as Ron Burgundy for Halloween and never once broke character. Hilarious and impressive.




Get your desktop background HERE.

Get your iPhone background HERE. 

Also, I really don't like have text behind the icons on my home screen, so I made you an extra version that's just the pattern. Enjoy! 

All images via That's Pretty Ace

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