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Challenge 04 | No Complaining


The final challenge is here!  The only "don't" of the bunch... no complaining for one week.  It's so easy to get wrapped up in the little snags in your day, and sometimes I come home and realize that most of what I've said to Chris that evening was a complaint of some sort. So (also inspired by Joanna) I'm making an effort not to complain for a whole week. It's going to be tough! But I'm truly hoping that doing it for one week will make me realize how often I complain and help me to reduce it overall. And I have a good feeling that I'm going to feel awesome after this week!


 What about you? Are you ready for a week of positivity? It could really turn your thinking around! We won't have a new challenge next Monday, as this is the last one. However, I will write a little post wrapping up my thoughts on this challenge and the series overall. So, please share! I always love to hear your thoughts. #tpafallchallenges

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