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Last week, I was given a chance to attend a beginner's calligraphy class by the very talented Lauren Essl of BlueEyeBrownEye (thanks for the awesome birthday present, mom and dad!). It was so much fun. Calligraphy is something I've been interested in learning for awhile, but never knew where to start. And Lauren's work is so FUN! She is totally the perfect teacher. Here's what we did...

When you sign up for a class with Lauren, she gets you all the supplies you will need to get started (how great is that?). You show up at The Bell Jar - an adorable cottage/studio space in Dallas - and sit at a dining table with 7 other women and learn the basics. Class is three hours long. Lauren starts everyone off with showing you how to hold your pen, what the different items are called, basic thick and thin lines, and then launches you into the alphabet. She goes around, giving everyone a few letters on their paper at a time, and you practice your letters over and over. We all commented that we got better as time went on, because 1. you're getting the hang of it and 2. you're no longer thinking about it so much. Lauren teaches in a very casual style, insisting that just like everyone's handwriting is different, so is your calligraphy style. She shows you how she writes, but encourages you to explore and figure out what works for you. By the end of the night I had learned the alphabet - and gained eight new friendships. It was such an awesome evening! (And ok, I'll be honest... my hand ached a little.) 



With the holiday season coming up, Lauren has opened up a few extra classes in January and February, and her class would make an incredible gift. In my class, there were two women there who were daughter and mother-in-law - how fun is that? You could give a spot to a loved one, and treat yourself to a spot as well, locking in a very enjoyable evening spent together!

And don't be worried about not having what it takes. You don't, by any means, have to be artistic or even "crafty" to take a calligraphy class! We all came from different backgrounds and by the end of the night felt fairly comfortable with what we had and were inspired to keep practicing. Seriously, everyones letters looked good! Just give it a shot, and regardless of if you decide to continue doing it, it's a very relaxed time learning something new (always good for the brain). 



So what do you think? Would you be up to try a calligraphy class? (And check out Lauren's site - she's great! Her instagram account is really fun to follow as well.)

All images via That's Pretty Ace

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