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Challenge 02 | Send a Letter


Last week, I talked about setting weekly challenges for the month of November. I hope you guys are enjoying it! I've definitely been looking forward to my book each evening. So... 

Are you ready for another challenge? This one isn't as labor-intensive as the last one ;) This week, I'm challenging myself to write a letter to someone. I have a whole box of cards, and it's about time I use them. Since graduating college (May 2012! I can't believe how time has flown by), my friends and I have become more and more scattered over the state. Sometimes our group text just doesn't cut it. Plus, I love snail mail.

I'm considering writing more than one, and you should feel free to do that too! I also think this would be a sweet way to contact a relative you haven't seen in awhile. Or even send one to someone you see often... I know my mom would love to get a letter in the mail! 

 So, are you in? Who will you be sending something sweet to? #tpafallchallenges

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