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As summer turned into fall this year, I started to get so excited for all of the upcoming holidays. I also began to reflect on all of the change that has happened in the past year... graduating from college, beginning full-time jobs, moving away from home, getting married... and I realized that I am so blessed by the friendships I've had throughout all of these major changes. 

Thanksgiving isn't just about who is in your (blood-related) family, but also who makes up that family as we grow older and move away from home. Taking time to thank our friends for all that they do is something we should all make time for more often... and it doesn't have to be anything elaborate. It can be really simple, and the fact that everyone can contribute is what makes it so special. Recently, I invited a few friends for a Thanksgiving feast in the park and it was such a wonderful time of fellowship together.





Everyone brought various bottles and we created a centerpiece out of foliage and branches we found in the park. I brought a few pumpkins for a fall touch, plates, and utensils. Taylor brought a gorgeous table runner. Everyone supplied food (check out Sydney's tasty kale salad!) and Riley contributed a few beers for ultimate relaxation. 



Lastly, you can check out our video below - it was such a fun time we shared together, and I hope it inspires you to say "thanks" to those who've been special to you throughout the year. Happy Thanksgiving! 



Photography: Kelsi Williamson
Video: Kelsi Williamson
Video Editing: That's Pretty Ace
Art Direction: That's Pretty Ace


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