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Let's Go to England


Feeling a little nostalgic today... I studied abroad the summer of 2010 in Oxford and Italy, and it was such a dream. We split our group between two adorable homes in Oxford (house 10!) and spent our days visiting museums and painting in fields. Seriously. I can't believe it really happened...

People are correct when they say traveling to different countries makes you see the world differently. I had some personal struggles I was working through at the time of this trip, and Chris and I had just started dating. My time spent abroad changed and molded who I am in so many ways. 

So I say we go on a little trip today... join me, won't you? 







England has the cutest dogs. Hands down. Plus, friendly horses in fields...




Chris did the cutest thing for me while I was there - he had fresh milk and apple juice delivered to our house twice a week. By the milkman. You heard me right. That was when I knew he was a keeper.





Top two images are of C.S. Lewis's home; last image is the view from the guest bedroom at Chris's parents house into their backyard (they lived there for 3 years while Chris's dad worked with the RAF). Like a painting, right?  

Hope you all enjoyed your visual trip across the pond! 

All images via That's Pretty Ace

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