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Travel Essentials

With parents and friends living all over the state (and spending every summer and Christmas in the car to Seaside, FL), I've picked up a few tips to make the most of hours in the car. I have three essentials: a comfy/versatile outfit, good tunes, and a go-to snack.

01. The outfit - leggings, t-shirt, sperrys. Bring a jacket if you need to bundle up! I love that I can slip in and out of my sperrys easily, and I throw a pair of socks in my bag so that I can warm up my feet in the car if needed. I basically want to feel like I'm wearing pajamas, and I'm not necessarily going for style on days when we're driving. HOWEVER... a great flowy top and a nice pair of black leggings will go a long way to make you look put together. Extra points if you add a cute scarf upon arrival. 

02. The tunes - Jack Johnson is perky enough to make you feel happy about being on the road for hours on end, but soothing enough to let you sleep if you get to do so. Driving? You'll need something to sing along to. My staple is Celine Dion's greatest hits. 

03. The snack - Trader Joe's sells these dark chocolate almond bites that are insane.  They come in a little resealable box, but for road trips I put them in a Ziploc bag. The perfect treat for driver or passenger. Plus a Sonic and/or Starbucks stop. 

What are you essentials? Anything you can't live without on a long car ride? Or... any road trip games you'd recommend? 

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Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate

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