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Jingle & Mingle


This past weekend, we had a little Christmas get-together at our apartment and it was a a blast. We set out snacks and refreshments, had a few fun games set up, and good times were had! This wintery sangria was beyond delicious... 






We played this fun game called "What's In Your Wallet?" where we split the group into two teams and raced to see who could produce the items listed first. We actually ended up with a tie! The bowl had some fun conversation starter questions - like "Have you ever Googled yourself?", "Tell us about your first car..." and "What's the craziest thing that ever happened to you at a theme park?"

We also set out a list of pictures to get with my camera next to it - it's so easy to get wrapped up chit-chatting and then realize after the fact you don't have any pictures! Our list included things like "tallest and shortest guest together", "besties for the resties", and "balancing things on heads". 




We had such a fun time with everyone, and you can see more pictures on my Facebook page! Happy Holidays! 

All images via That's Pretty Ace

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