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With the start of the holidays, the Fall Challenge series has come to a close... and I'd love to know, what did you think? Did you participate in any of it? Would you be interested in doing this again next year?

I really enjoyed the series, but I'll be honest... it was hard. We have a lot going on right now (law school finals! new job!), and this was a good way to remind myself to slow down. But I wasn't very good at it! While I did read my book quite a bit, I still didn't finish (that's OK). I loved writing letters, and trying a new dish. No complaining was TOUGH, but so good for me to try. It made me much more aware of what comes from my mouth. 

I hope you all had fun! I know I did :) Let's try this again in 2014...!


Top image via That's Pretty Ace, bottom image via Local Milk

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