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Treats Under $10


When you've had a great day (or perhaps a terrible one) sometimes you just want to throw a little treat in your cart. Here are a few items to "treat yo self" without breaking the bank. (These would make great gifts, too!)

  • If you don't have one yet, cave and get an Anthropologie Monogram Mug. Perfect for hot chocolate, as a flower vase, or corralling your jewelry on your nightstand.
  • The PowerCurl Mini corrals your charger and it's cord in an adorable way. Sure to brighten up your purse! 
  • Essie nail polish. My go-to gift to myself. 
  • The prettiest "hello" and "thank you" you'll ever send - on chevron chartreuse stationary!
  • Your lack of a green thumb is no match for this guy. We have two at home and I keep one at work... people always ask me if they're real! 
  • I recently got these wine markers with a coupon at World Market... they definitely come in handy when you have girl friends over for Wine Night (or even home alone when you just feel like being cute. No shame)!
  • How about a tasty treat? This "Filthy Liar" fruity mixer goes great with gin (and a lime twist garnish, if you're feeling fancy). 

Image via That's Pretty Ace

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