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Gift Wrap 101: Part 2


In one of my very first posts, I shared some ideas for basic gift wrapping - and with the holidays fast approaching, I thought I'd give you another easy option! Enter the kraft paper mailer.

You can usually get these at office supply stores (I ordered mine from Etsy), and they're such a simple way to "wrap" a gift. They're not so great for bulky items, but they're perfect for a new set of stationary, fun photos, stickygrams, a book or journal, or even a flash drive with some tunes on it! What I really love is that whether I'm mailing the gift or giving it in person, the kraft mailers work great. I just wrap my gifts with tissue, slip them inside the mailer, wrap my favorite baker's twine around it, and write their name right on the package. Et voila!

If I'm mailing this gift, I wrap with tissue, and then bakers twine around the tissue wrapping before slipping it inside the mailer, just for a little festivity. Simple and sweet!




I hope this is helpful for any last minute gifts you need to tuck under the tree ;) What about you? How are you wrapping your treats this year? 

All images via That's Pretty Ace

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