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DIY | Scarf Bow


A while back, I shared a few fun ways to tie your scarves... and I recently added a new one to the list! This one is pretty adorable, and would be a fun addition to your outfit while you're out in the cold. Checking out Christmas lights, perhaps? Picking out your tree? I'll show you the ropes...



Start with your scarf around your neck, and one end hanging longer than the other. Take the longer end and make a circle shape - I take the bottom and bring it about halfway up. Then grab in the middle of the loop you just made. Take the other end of your scarf and loop it around the middle of the loop - where you just grabbed. And you have your bow! I then do a mirror check and make sure both sides are even and looking pretty. I like to make my bows big, but I'm sure you could go smaller - and I'm curious what it would look like with scarves of different weights and knits! 

Hope you're all having fun bundling up today! And feel free to share a picture if you try this out :) Tag it #thatsprettyace!

All images via That's Pretty Ace

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