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Get Your Jingle On


It is finally time to bust out the Christmas music! This and Christmas lights might be my favorite things about Christmas - besides all of the good family stuff. Here are my top picks for holiday tunes... 


01. Joy to the World, Pink Martini | perfect for a cocktail party (or pretending you're at a swanky cocktail party)  

02. Songs for Christmas, Sufjan Stevens | for wintery mornings spent with a warm cup of coffee, or winding down after a big dinner with family and friends

03. Elf soundtrack, various artists | for the pepped-up exciting moments of the holidays - decorating the tree, making cookies, driving around while Christmas shopping (and my personal favorite album... this is the one I start listening to the day after Thanksgiving. No joke.)

04. Christmas, Michael Buble | for background music at a holiday party, or for listening to at work. An instant classic, in my book!  


What are your go-to holiday albums? I know I'm missing some major classics on here. Feel free to share!

Image via That's Pretty Ace

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