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Gift Wrap 101

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I really love giving gifts. I've found that having just a few items on hand can make wrapping quick and easy - and cute! I'll show you two different methods.

The first way you could do this is with a box. I love the ones from Anthropologie (maybe I hoard them). You want a simple box, kraft paper, scissors, tape (I like double-sided), twine and a pen. I like to keep a ream of kraft paper and a roll of bakers twine in my craft stash.

First, you'll trace a circle onto the kraft paper. What I'll do is roam around the apartment testing various sized circular objects until I find one that is the size I want for my box. For this box, I found a large candle worked pretty well. I traced the candle bottom onto the paper, then cut out the circle. 

Then, I'll tape the circle to the top of the box. You could also glue it, but sometimes the glue seeps through the paper (depending on what kind of glue it is) and... I'm lazy. Tape is faster. After taping the circle to the box, I'll write a quick note on top: "you rock", "to the future mrs.", "happy happy happy", etc. etc. 


Lastly, I'll tie twine around the box. I like to go for a graphic look, so I only tie the twine around one set of sides instead of going both directions. I wrap it around twice, cut the length I need, then tie a bow on the top. Then trim any excess twine so the ends are the same length. Ta da! Aren't you cute? 

The second way I'll wrap a gift is with a bag. You can buy these kraft bags in bulk, which is awesome and cost-effective. I also keep a package of blank tags. You can get these at most craft stores, but I've also cut some out myself from cardstock before. Whatever works! You also want twine, tissue paper, and a pen.

This is pretty self-explanatory - put object in bag, and add tissue paper. I just jazz it up a little with the tag and twine. I write down something sweet on the tag, then loop some twine through the hole, then tie with a bow onto the handle of the bag. Not rocket science, but definitely cute.


That's it! Happy gift-wrapping!

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