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I scream, you scream

Yesterday, I was craving a simple vanilla cone like nobody's business. Good thing a kid's meal at Chick Fil A can get you one for free! 

Chris and I both have a deep affection for sweet treats. I figured I'd compile a list of our favorites for you...

Pokey O's - on Mockingbird, west side of 75. Make your own ice cream sandwiches! If you're in the Fort Worth area, hit up Sweet Sammie's for a similar tasty treat.
Potbelly - makes a mean ice cream sandwich from huge oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Soft and chewy, perfect for sharing (they even slice it in half for you).
Emporium Pies - in Bishop Arts, stop by and grab a slice of pie. Lord of the Pies is my personal favorite (and their website is pretty slick, too).
Tillman's Roadhouse - if you're looking for something fancy, try Tillman's tableside s'mores. Homemade marshmallows in unique flavors (maple? orange?), cinnamon graham crackers, dark chocolate, and your own petite burner. 
Rise - the girls and I recently celebrated a birthday at this precious place. Very indulgent souffles to share. Nom!
Central Market - back to quick treats, their gelato bar is beyond awesome. Sometimes if I'm feeling special, I'll get their container that holds 3 flavors for $12. What a win.

What are your favorites? I know a lot of you are in the area... any recommendations you'd suggest?  


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