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HOW TO : Eyeshadow Tutorial


I got this awesome eyeshadow palette last Christmas by Urban Decay. It has so many great neutrals, but the problem is... I know nothing about makeup. I was talking to my girl friend, Sarah, about it (she's great with makeup) and she got so excited. She was all, "This is the best palette! You can do every day or easily dress things up, do this and that..." I was mesmerized. I asked her if she wouldn't mind showing me a few tricks, and she was more than happy to oblige!



Start with a solid foundation (if you use a primer, make sure to apply beforehand and let dry). Sarah used Benefit's "Hello Flawless" in champagne, Tarte clay matte waterproof bronzer in park ave princess (apply to your T-zone and over concealer to balance color), and Sephora blush in orange punchy sunbaked (apply to the apples of cheeks and brush around and up your cheekbones to your temples). 

You'll want to apply an eyeshadow primer (beforehand) to your lids to cover veins and provide a smooth base for the color to really pop on. Plus this helps hold your eyeshadow on all day long. Sarah uses this Benefit "Stay Don't Stray" in light/medium.

Then we got to work with the palette. Sarah started with a soft brown (we used "naked") all over my lid. She said applying one color all over the lid up to the eyebrow as a base helps with blending later on. She used a small fluffy brush with loose bristles to apply the base layer.

Still using the same brush, she used the lightest color ("virgin") to highlight the inner creases of my eyes, and directly under the eyebrow. Then it was time to get to work on the outer creases.  




Using a tighter bristled, angled brush she added the accent color to the outer halves of my lids (we used a metallic, "half baked"). She suggested dabbing a flatter small brush into the metallic shades to pick up a lot of shadow, then tapping it lightly to shake off excess. She said metallics are harder to work with, and you want to move from the outside of the lid inward, so that you don't have flecks of metallic shadow all over the sides of your face from flecking it off when brushing! She also suggested dabbing with the brush to get the most of the metallic onto the lid.  



After that, she wet her slanted brush slightly and dipped it ito our soft brown ("naked") and dusted it into my eyebrows for a little definition. Adding some color into your eyebrows adds so much definition to your face - even though it does look a little weird to you at first! 

Then using the same slanted brush and dampening it slightly, she used a darker brown ("buck") as a liner. She only applied the darker color from the outer edges of the lid, into just the middle of the eye lid. She lined the inner corners of my eye with a very light shade ("virgin").  




Add a little mascara and lips and you're ready to go! Sarah swears by this Benefit "They're Real" mascara and Stila "Color Balm Lipstick" in vivienne. Et voila! 


Thanks for the help, Sarah! Your friendship is such a blessing to me, and the makeup knowledge is just a great bonus ;)  And big thanks to Kelsi for shooting this! I'll be posting some more of her stunning work tomorrow. I hope this is helpful to all of you gals with the Urban Decay "Naked" Palette! 

Makeup: Sarah Boleslawski
Photography: Kelsi Williamson



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