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 Fall is coming (even if you don't believe me, here in Texas). I love switching out my closet for fall/winter - it's like I get a whole new wardrobe and I don't have to spend a dime. But my very favorite part is the shoes.

Kelsi and I dreamed up a fall foliage photoshoot to show you my top three picks for fall shoes... the ones you find yourself wearing over and over again. First up, ankle boots.



You may have gotten them last year or the year before, but seeing them AGAIN on all my favorite sites for this fall was the validation I needed - these were a good buy. I find myself using these to dress up the most basic outfits. I also love how they look with feminine skirts and dresses. I own this pair in suede, but these are great too at a fraction of the price. I'm also loving the ankle boots this season without laces, and am dying to pair these with socks



It seemed like every September in college, all the girls would bust out their boots (even if it was still 100 degrees out). They're incredibly versatile, make your legs looks slim, and add that perfect touch of "rugged sophistication" to any outfit. Boots play nice with nearly everything in your fall closet. I got this pair as a gift recently, and they're incredible. I recently retired a pair I got at Target four years ago (seriously!) and they had served their time so well. I highly recommend getting yourself a pair at Target - these are nearly identical to my Frye's. 



My last reco would be a great pair of loafers... preferably in leopard print ;) If you can't tell by the toes on these, I wear them ALL the time. Thankfully, living in Texas means I can get away with wearing these in the dead of winter. They go great with jeans and a tee, and pair just as well with a nice dress. Plus, they're super comfortable - they're usually my "back-up" shoes when I wear heels to events. I have this pair, and these are super cool if you're looking to splurge. (I got mine half off at Ross over a year ago if you want to try there!)



Didn't Kelsi hit this photo shoot out of the park?! We met for lunch a few weeks ago, and immediately got along great. It was such a treat working with her, and I'm excited to work together more in the future! Seriously, look her up. Not only is she incredibly talented, but this girl has a huge heart. 

So what do you think? What are the shoes you can't live without this fall?  

Photography: Kelsi Williamson
Art Direction: That's Pretty Ace + Kelsi Williamson
Styling: That's Pretty Ace
Makeup: Sarah Boleslawski


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