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Put a Scarf On It


Fall is finally here! I hope you have your pumpkins out (I'm going to get some today! Baby Boo's, for sure). Fall for me also means scarves. Lots of 'em. So here are three easy ways to switch them up...



The most complicated of the three. My mom and I were shopping together at an Anthropologie a few years ago when a sales associate showed us this cool trick. Fold your scarf in half and wrap around your neck. Place one scarf end through the loop you've created, then twist the loop. Then place the other scarf end through the twisted loop. Adds such a fun dimension to your scarf, and it can really help it to not stick out so far if you have a chunky one. We call this "the pretzel" ;)



The most common way to wear your scarf - just loop around and leave both ends hanging in front. Easy and breezy.



The third way is just as simple as the last one. Half your scarf like you would with the pretzel, and loop both ends through. What's cool about this one is you can leave your loop lower, towards the ends, or higher, close to your neck and it creates very different looks. I love how this one elongates your torso the way a v-neck tee or a long necklace would.  

What's also interesting is seeing how these styles translate to different scarves. Here's all three looks using a ruffled scarf...  



Hope you're all having fun getting out your scarves this week! Share your pictures if you try one of these - pretzel, anyone? Tag it #thatsprettyace!  

PS - Hayley G. led me to this great scarf tutorial... making your scarf a bow?! I wanna try! 

All images via That's Pretty Ace

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