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Saturday Mornings


Ahh, the glorious Saturday Morning. There's just something so special about having time to slow down and enjoy the day before it even starts.

I'm not someone who can sleep in, so I'm usually up and making coffee between 7 and 8. If Chris isn't up yet, I'll read a bit until he's up. We like to make breakfast together (or walk down the street for some tacos). Sometimes I go for a run or sometimes we go grocery shopping together. Or a long walk - we went to Katy Trail this weekend and it was awesome. Perfect weather, deep conversation, lots of dog-watching. 



With Chris's schedule this semester, sometimes it feels like we barely see each other during the week. It's nice having a few hours just to dedicate to catching up.  



Sometimes catching up includes the new J. Crew catalog. Totally acceptable on Saturday morning. We also went through our iTunes libraries... that was comical. Took us both back to 2006.  

What does your perfect Saturday look like? Are you a busy-body like me? Or do you spend it sleeping in that soft morning sunshine?  


All images via That's Pretty Ace

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