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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! I hope you've enjoyed this weeks posts (wedding related and not). We're finishing out the week over here with our honeymoon this afternoon, so if you feel like jetting off to Costa Rica feel free to come back later! I've had so much fun sharing the best day of our lives so far with you. I can't believe how perfect it all was (thanks mom, dad, and God)! Being married has been incredibly wonderful, and has painted a better picture of Christ's relationship with us than anything I've ever experienced. Love you, Chris :) 

Also, Lauren made us  an incredibly beautiful slideshow of our pictures that tells our June 22nd story perfectly. You can see it here if you'd like. 

And I didn't forget!  Here are some fun links for your weekend: 
Means Girl's movie trailer, Disney princess style.
Song lyrics significantly improved by cats.
• These picks for a relaxing weekend are spot. on. I want them all. 
• Planning on making this tomorrow morning...
• Did you know there's a method to the names of products at Ikea?
• My dad makes the best music recommendations. He showed me this song and now it's always on repeat.

Image via Lauren Kinsey


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