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Eat | How to Cook (& Eat) an Artichoke


Most of you had probably had artichoke in your meal before - maybe your pasta, on your pizza, or even in a salad. But have you ever cooked one at home? Those odd-looking veggies can be kind of intimidating! Chris told me once that when he was a kid, his mom served artichoke as an appetizer every night. He said each leaf has a meaty inside that's delicious dipped in a little butter. I was intrigued... so we decided to try it ourselves! And let me tell you, it is so good



You'll want a large lidded pot and a vegetable steamer (we have this one). We don't season our artichoke in any way, and it's very flavorful! I'm sure you could lightly season it if you'd like, though.



01 | Fill the pot with 2 inches of water, and set it on the stove on medium heat. Set the vegetable steamer inside (pull out the legs of the steamer and let the cage be open). 

02 | Trim the stem of the artichoke. Leave about 1 inch of it attached - you can eat it when it's done! But you want to trim it to let the steam get into the heart. 

03 | Place the artichoke inside the steamer and place the lid on the pot. If you have smaller artichokes, you can do two at a time. Let steam for 35-45 minutes - it's done with the leaves are very tender. 

04 | Remove the artichoke from the pot and set on a plate. Melt some butter in a small bowl - a tablespoon in a ramekin will do! - and go ahead and get out an extra empty bowl as well. This will serve as a place to put your empty leaves when you're done. Speaking of butter... we found a garlic & herb butter at Trader Joe's that is perfect with artichoke!

05 | To eat the artichoke, peel off a leaf. Dip the "meaty" end in the butter. Place the leaf between your teeth and slide it out of your mouth (like how you would eat edamame out of a pod) - the tender meat will come off of the leaf when you do this, and this is what you want to eat! As you get closer and closer to the heart of the artichoke, the flavor becomes more intense and the leaves more tender. The super soft center is the artichoke heart - this is most likely what you've eaten in dishes before. 

06 | When you've eaten off all of the leaves, what's left is the stem. You'll see a circular, fuzzy section - if you cut this out, you can eat what's beneath it! Just slide your knife between the fuzzy section and the edge and move the knife all the way around. This section should pop right out. This part of the artichoke underneath that fuzzy section is incredibly flavorful! It's kind of mushy, but you can break it apart and eat it. I personally don't like the actual stem of the artichoke, but you can eat that as well. 



I know this is a little complicated, so let me know if you have any questions! Artichokes can be such a pure and delicious way to get a vegetable in your system. Feel free to ask questions below, or on social media! Just tag me in in it, @thatsprettyace ;) Hope you're all having a great week!

All images via That's Pretty Ace

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