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Chris and I have a terrible habit on date nights of asking, "Where do you want to go?" and then going to the same five places. We know there are so many great gems in Dallas/Fort Worth, but we always forget what they are! Chris told me once, "You know all those places our friends recommend? Will you start keeping a list of those?" Little did he know what I had already begun doing... ;)

For Christmas, I gave Chris a "city guide"! I bought a moleskine and put a few tabs in it, labeling each section. Then I emailed friends and family, asking them what their favorite places are to eat/hang out/explore in DFW. I got some great responses! I also started asking friends when I was with them and keeping the moleskine in my purse (sneaky sneaky). Google was very helpful as well. It was such a fun project, and I loved giving it to Chris. 



I divided the book into 5 sections (and left room to add more later if we want). I did restaurants, coffee and treats, excursions (hikes/trails), things to do, and movies. I'm considering adding a "hotels" section for possible Staycation opportunities - we had so much fun at the Omni Fort Worth last summer! Within the restaurants section, I used a system of dollar signs to express how expensive the place was, so it makes it easier when we are browsing through. 



This would be such a fun gift to give a loved one - or even just to make for yourself! I also think it would be fun to make one about a different city - maybe one you're going to visit on vacation, or if you have an upcoming move! Or maybe you have a friend who's relocating to your town? This would be such a great treat to give them.



What do you think? Is this something you would try? It really is simple to create... just keep it with you! 

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