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Let's talk about dirty hair...


Have you ever thought about not washing your hair? In the past few years, so many studies have proven that your hair can naturally clean itself - and that many of the shampoos we use contain dangerous chemicals and parabens that can damage your hair. My husband, Chris, hasn't washed his hair in over a year - and my hair stylist, Carrie, can't remember the last time she washed! She's been such a great encouragement for me to stop washing. She has gorgeously curly hair, and she's loved the results she's gotten. 

So last fall I took the plunge. I started to wash my hair about every four days, and invested in a really great dry shampoo. I began playing with fun braids and buns for days when I felt like my hair wasn't quite up to snuff. It took a few weeks to teach my hair it didn't need shampoo... (think about it, your hair has been dependent on shampoo for years, so it'll take a little while before the natural oils start doing their duty). I can honestly say I loved the results. It certainly wasn't the perfectly coiffed hair I was used to, but it was incredibly shiny and grew like crazy! I found that I could rinse my hair with water every day and scrub my scalp to activate the oils and shake some of the day-to-day dirt out of my hair - though I typically only rinsed every few days. Rinsing after a workout was the best. Your sweat really helps to clean your hair! Chris swapped to a baking soda/water rinse once a week, and his hair looks super handsome. 

However, the holidays rolled around and I started wanting that picture-perfect hair again - so I took up regular washes and styling again. I can tell my hair is not the same... especially with the dryness of winter beginning to really set in. So I am making a pledge to myself to stop washing... and I want to know if you'll try it with me?



I know it's a scary plunge to take, but I promise it is so worth it! It really is so healthy for your hair and consider how much you'll be saving on hair products (big bonus!). I'm excited to get some fabulous mermaid hair ;) You with me? It's always so much more fun to do things with other people... use #tpahairdontcare if you want to join the conversation!

Images via Kelsi Williamson for That's Pretty Ace

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