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Date Night | A Little Sleepover at Home


I'm excited to debut a new column to you - date night! Once a month, I'll be sharing an inexpensive way you can jazz things up a little in your relationship (and often, these can be applied to friendships as well! Roomie Night?). 

A great recommendation for a fun winter evening is by having a "sleepover" in your living room! I always loved going to friends' houses as a kid and making a big pallet in the floor and staying up late chatting. Chris and I took the idea to a whole new level by scooting over our coffee table and pulling our mattress and bedding into the living room! It was especially magical at Christmastime to sleep next to the tree (so, if yours is still up, consider doing this before you pack it away!). 

We made homemade hot chocolate, popped in a DVD we've been wanting to watch (we started the John Adams HBO miniseries because 1. it rocks and 2. we're history nerds). We had such a great time switching things up and being spontaneous. Here are some suggested items (comfy pajama's, treats, and blankets!)...



01. women's pajama pants, Old Navy | 02. men's pajama pants, Old Navy | 03. popcorn cups, Crate & Barrel | 04. snowflake mugs, Crate & Barrel | 05. throw blanket, Pottery Barn

So, is this something you'd like to try? It's so simple (and free!), and the perfect way to enjoy a cold winter's night indoors. Share your pictures if you do! 

Image via That's Pretty Ace

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