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Valentine Gifts for The Leading Lady in Your Life

Guys, I'm not talking about your lady... I'm talking about a gal's best friend! Valentine's Day isn't just about romance (more on that tomorrow!) For me, Valentine's Day is simply about letting those you love know that you love them - easily making it one of my favorite holidays. 

Have y'all heard of Uncommon Goods? They specialize in unique gifts, and their site makes it so easy to find the perfect thing! Here are six Uncommon Goods I'd get for my best lady friend...


  1. Today is the Day Wood & Paper Artwork - Inspire her to get out there, conquer her fears, and chase her dreams! Or just to shave her legs.
  2. Carve-a-Stamp Kit - For all those DIY parties you've been talking about having... give her this and pick a Saturday! (Really, these are super fun to make. This is a great tutorial.)
  3. Classic Cocktails Dish Towel - Beautiful and functional. 
  4. Flavor Infuser Water Bottle - Remember when she vowed she would take better care of herself this year? Be a good encouragement and get her this.
  5. Set of 4 Bowls - These bowls have puppies on them. These bowls will make her (and you) happy. :)
  6. Owl Eyeglass Holder - An adorable place to keep her specs (and hopefully, she won't lose them again). 


AND... Uncommon Goods has so many great gift guides of their own on their site! I really like this one for guys (seriously impressive selection). And for more Valentine gift ideas, click here. 

I'll be sharing gifts for the romantic relationship this afternoon, but I hope you enjoyed this little treat for your ladies! Seriously, those girls do so much. Tell them you love them! 


*This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods. All opinions are my own. 
Image via That's Pretty Ace and Uncommon Goods

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