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6 Days of Giveaways : Day 6


I am beyond excited about this last giveaway. Kim of Kidogo Kidogo reached out to me a few weeks ago to tell me about the company she started with her sister, and their unique iPhone cases. Not only are their cases gorgeous, but they pack a powerful punch... for every two cases purchased, a phone is donated to a woman in Tanzania. 

Providing mobile phones might sound like a small thing to do, but these sisters are making a huge impact in women's lives. A mobile phone for a woman in Tanzania not only provides connection to family and friends, but also a flashlight, a watch, a camera, and a radio. Many banks in Tanzania also provide services over mobile phones - so these women are now able to safely and securely manage their money. They are able to receive important weather updates and health reminders. Receiving a phone is receiving safety - it's life-changing.



The cases are illustrated by Sarah Markes, who studied in London before moving to Tanzania, where she now resides and is constantly inspired by the vibrant flora and fauna around her. Her work is stunning! I love her unique style and delicate color choices. Plus, the fact that these cases are of Tanzania and for Tanzania is just so incredible. 

Kidogo Kidogo currently sells five iPhone 5/5s cases and two 4/4s cases. They're looking to expand to create cases for other phones as well, so keep an eye out if you're not an iPhone user! They ship within the US only, for a flat rate. The purchase of two cases provides a phone to a woman in need, so do consider getting one for yourself and one for someone else! How cool would it be to tell your friend or family member when they open this gift that it's helping a woman in need? I truly love their cause (and their cases) and am so excited to be a part of their mission. (If you'd like to learn more details about how their changing lives, read this article.)

So for the last day of the giveaways... you could win one of these two cases! Kim and Kristen were kind enough to donate these, and the winner will get their pick. They are for iPhone 5/5s phones. I'm so excited for one of you to win!!!! 




Do one or all of the following to enter today’s giveaway. The more social you are, the more entries you get. :-)

  1. Comment on this blog post.
  2. Follow TPA's Instagram, @thatsprettyace, and Kidogo Kidogo's Instagram@kidogo_kidogo, and post a picture of today's giveaway with @thatsprettyace, @kidogo_kidogo, & #tpahalfbirthday. 
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The winner will be announced Wednesday at noon on TPA's Facebook & Instagram! I wanted to give you guys more time on this one, since it's for such a great cause. Please share and tell you friends and family! (Contest is open to US readers only.)

All images via That's Pretty Ace 
Cases c/o Kidogo Kidogo

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