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Let's Hang Out! (On a Budget)


Have you ever said to someone, "We should hang out sometime!" and then thought... "what can we do on $0?" Me too. Many of my friends and I are in a season of less-is-more. We're either recent grads, grad students, newlyweds, in the process of saving for a house, trying to pay of school loans, etc. etc. So we've started to get creative with our time together!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Going out to eat? Split an entree! Fajitas are an especially easy meal to split. 
  • Find a happy hour... with food. Blue Mesa has a great special on week nights with great drink prices and complimentary street tacos! 
  • Invest in at-home entertainment. Chris and I registered for a Wii when we got married, and we were ecstatic when we received it as a gift! We've since acquired a few games, including some hand-me-downs from my nephews :) The Wii has definitely come in handy for some rambunctious game-playing! Mario Kart and Mario Party are the most-requested.
  • Games. We have a deck of cards, Uno, and Apples to Apples. Things are pretty exciting.
  • Netflix - also a winner! Maybe instead of going to the movies, have a friend bring some popcorn while you provide the movie. Also... Redbox. 
  • Host a potluck! Since Chris and I have the space to invite people over, we usually ask guests to BYOB (and we'll pop popcorn or bake some cookies). I'd love to try a family style-dinner sometime. Our dining table only fits four, but we have two additional bar stools, a couch, and a few floor pillows... we've had 10 people in our apartment before! I think it would be fun if everyone brought a dish and we had a big meal together.
  • Search for Groupons. Make a weekly reminder on your calendar to check Groupon for deals, and text a screenshot to your friends when you see something good! There really are some awesome deals out there; you just have to keep your eyes peeled. 
  • Watch for free live music. Come summer, there's usually several outdoor spots (or restaurants) hosting live music. Get the most bang for your buck and eat dinner when you know a band will be there, or stop by Klyde Warren Park on nights they have a set! I think it would be especially fun to pack a little picnic and listen to music in the park.

It may not be as exciting, but getting together with friends on a budget is completely do-able. I'm sure a lot of these you already practice! And feel free to comment with more ideas... I'm certain you guys have some extra fun options! 

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