Hi. I'm Brittany.

I'm a brand designer & a writer saved by grace, sharing joy in the simplest ways.

I'm loving... October.


Sharing what's bringing joy to my heart! This month it's...

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Since making it part of my daily quiet time, my love for coffee has soared to new heights. I've also been using it to fuel my social calendar – any time I meet up with a lady friend, we meet up for coffee (vanilla lattes are my jam right now). I love the warm coziness that comes with each sip, but mostly I love how it's become associated with two things: the peace from God that floods my soul during quiet time, and the incredible conversations I've been blessed to have with friends new and old this month. 



Training for my first half marathon (though I'm sure Rusty Taco isn't a necessary component!). I can't believe it will be here in this weekend...! With the dipping temperatures, longer runs have become a bit easier. The solitude I get from a good run just can't be beat. It's hard for me to think while I'm running, so I often just pray simple prayers and take in the scenery around me. It's like God built me a little "quiet place" where my mind can't get into it's anxiety mode, and I'm so thankful for that. God has been teaching me so much about how He made me during this time of training, and I can't believe He's blessed me with this body (even when I neglected it for so long). He gives us good gifts!



Stacks upon stacks of books. Chris and I hit up Half Price Books last weekend and went a little crazy... I'm typically all for curling up with a good book, but the cooler temperatures have me on overdrive. I also prayed back in September that God would give me a desire to learn more about Him. I'm pretty sure that just by the look of my reading list, He took that flame and made it a roaring fire...!



Prayer. I haven't been keeping up with this as well as I did last month (and I so want to get into "pray[ing] without ceasing"!) but the moments that I have turned to God have been insanely life-giving. This month has brought lots of prayers for the people I'm close to and I just feel showered with blessings in that. Seeing friends and family going through seasons of worry or anxiety has tethered me to the Cross more and more. He's been so good to give me peace when loved ones have told me about what they're walking in, and has provided more than enough love and grace over us in those moments. 



Fall foods. You knew I would get to "pumpkin things" eventually, right? TJ's pumpkin bread has chocolate chips in it and it has been my go-to treat for group gatherings (and it makes our apartment smell so delicious). Also, organic multi-colored carrots, chopped sweet potato, butternut squash, all roasted in the oven... divine. And don't forget that spaghetti squash. Nature's bounty is colorful and comforting this month and it's been really fun switching up the flavors of our daily meals. 

What about you? What things are you loving right now?

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