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December Goals


Honesty moment.

Guys, sometimes something sounds like a great idea in your head and then you realize after the fact that it just wasn't the best. Posting my monthly goals is one of those things.

Several of my favorite ladies I've been following for years have made a habit of sharing their monthly goals. I find it encouraging and inspiring. It makes me want to turn around and write out my own goals. I also love a good list. I've made that known on more than one occasion! But when I tried to tell myself why sharing my own monthly goals was a good idea, I didn't really have any other words besides, "it sounds fun for me." I started thinking of how I would feel reading one of my friend's goal lists for the month. I'd like to think that most times, I would be happy and excited for them – but I don't think that I would personally get anything out of it. I think it would probably make me feel a little bad about myself.

We are constantly driven to compare. Us ladies tend to have a hard time looking at another's success without deciding where we measure up next to them. We also love to pursue perfection – goal-setting is fun because we see a better version of ourselves on the other side of accomplishing that goal. It's dark, and it's why sometimes we feel worse after scrolling through Instagram instead of uplifted.

But our God redeems. He knows where we stumble and fall most often... He is never surprised by our behavior. He says, "Why don't you let me take that? I can make something beautiful with it." When we keep our eyes on the author and perfecter of our faith, we will not grow weary. We will not lose heart. The position of our hearts begins to change, and instead of seeing pedestals, we see an equal playing field. We look at each other and think, "I'm a sinner like you. I'm created in the image of God like you. I am God's beloved, just like you." Compliments and encouragement begin to drip off of our tongues like honey. And honestly, God encourages us to set goals as long as He is in them. Sometimes you may not know if God is in something, and you may realize He wasn't after the fact (this post is a great example of that...!). Daily, discipline yourself to fix your eyes on Jesus. Cast off the weight and sin that so easily entangles, and run with endurance the race set before you. 

All this to say, no more monthly goal posts here for now! I know for me, personally, it was a selfish move that pointed the attention towards me and not towards the divine Author. Please forgive me, and let's redirect that path ;)

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