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1 Samuel 3


#write31days really is a challenge! So sorry for falling behind. I ended up taking the weekend to do some additional reading to help me understand these next few chapters better, and it was so helpful. Let's roll! Read through 1 Samuel 3. (Also, if you are in Texas, say a quick prayer of praise for the surprise fall weather we've been having!)

“He is the Lord; let him do
what is good in his eyes.”
- 1 Samuel 3:18 -

I'll go ahead and let you know that these next few chapters are going to get rough, and they start with an ominous message from God. The boy Samuel, Hannah's gift, still lives at the Temple and is learning under Eli the priest. Eli's aging and nearly blind. One night, Samuel hears a voice call out to him. Thinking that it's Eli, he gets up and goes to him. Eli says it wasn't him calling and tells the boy to go back to bed. The third time this happens, Eli realizes that the Lord is calling to Samuel. He tells the boy to go back to bed, and if he hears the voice again, to reply "Speak Lord, for your servant is listening". 

When Samuel does, the Lord tells him that he is going to erase the things he had promised to Eli and his family and that they are going to be rebuked for their sins against God's holiness. The next morning, Samuel was naturally a little afraid to tell Eli what the Lord had said, but Eli called to him and insisted he give him the report. When Samuel finished relaying the message, Eli said, "He is the Lord; let him do what is good in his eyes."

Eli, a man of God, a priest, came from a long line of priests – a lineage ordained by God himself. The Lord is his life... and yet, God is telling him that this will be taken away. Eli's sons profaned God's holiness and misused their titles for their own selfish desires, and the Lord let Eli know that they are going to die in their prime on the same day. And because Eli failed to restrain them, he's being severely punished as well. My heart hurts for Eli and for his betrayal to God's holiness. But I love his response... "let Him do what is good."

I was talking last week with a few friends about difficult relationships, and how sometimes "brotherly affection" involves correction and helping to steer someone in the right direction. We have opportunities, as brothers and sisters in Christ, to speak truth to one another when we see our flesh taking control of us. This is hard to do, but so beautiful when done with love! We also have the opportunity to be steered – but, gosh, it can be uncomfortable. No one likes feeling as if they're "wrong", especially when they're really comfortable in their ways. But when I read Eli receive the Lord's message for the second time and feel his acceptance of it... I am so convicted.

It is well with my soul. God's will for my life may not always be what I want, and when it hurts, I definitely do not want it. But if we can lay down our pride knowing that His way is better... we can say with peace "let Him do what is good."

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