Hi. I'm Brittany.

I'm a brand designer & a writer saved by grace, sharing joy in the simplest ways.



God, I look to you.

I won't be overwhelmed.

Give me vision to see things like you do.

You're where my help comes from.

Give me wisdom... you know just what to do.


After singing these words in church last Sunday, I was reminded (yet again) of how often I complicate things, and how good God is to take the ball of knotted yarn I've made in front of me and begin to gently untangle it. He knows just what to do.

#write31days might have been a bit of a #fail here on the blog, but it has gotten me reading my Bible more diligently and more critically. I've loved 1 Samuel so far (it's quite the adventure!). I'm still not done, but I'd love to do a couple recaps of what's going on for you guys. Going chapter by chapter made me feel like I was searching for something applicable that may not have always been there, and several of the beginning chapters have some of the same things going on in them (like the ark getting passed around). 

I'm also going back and re-reading my "liquid gold" post over again. I know these words are truth. I know pursuing this blog with a posture that's towards God, that's about Him and His greatness, is a good path and it's one I feel led to pursue. But that doesn't mean he's going to divinely inspire me for each post. I also need to trust that He made me, and He did a good job at that. Just offering myself and who I am to you in servitude is a beautiful and holy thing. 

Speaking of sharing myself... in the midst of me wrestling with how to motivate my writing here on TPA, I've actually been investing in quite a few relationships offline. I shared a few posts back that I felt so incredibly poured into this summer – each night held a new opportunity to meet someone and either get to know them or rekindle our friendship. It was a crazy hustle and I loved it, but I saw September and October coming as a time of rest. That has been true :) And it's given me the blessing of time to devote to more specific people. I've started a dinner group that meets once every other week, and the authentic and humble friendships formed around our table have been incredibly beautiful. I've started writing up a post on that in more detail, and I'm really looking forward to sharing what I've learned with you guys.

I actually have quite a few posts started to debut next month, and I am so surprised and thankful. I'm trying to get back to simplifying mentally. I have a bad habit of feeling led towards an idea and then over-thinking it... which either turns into fear or selfish pride, which, in turn, leads to me doing nothing. Instead, I'm trying to get back to a place of saying "yes, Lord" and moving more quickly so that I can't let myself get in the way :) I'm learning to get back in the race instead of standing on the sidelines wondering if I should. 

And that brings me to my last note... the half-marathon is this Saturday! I'm excited and also terrified. If you've been following along on Instagram, you may have seen me run my first 10 miles ever in my whole life two weeks ago. I'm just incredibly grateful and humbled by the body God gave me, even after I spent most of my life ignoring or abusing it. Here's to hoping it can make those 13 miles :) If you get a second to say a quick prayer, feel free! One of my favorite things about my runs is that I end up smiling as I'm going, and I love how other people cross my path and instantly light up as well. Please pray that I can keep smiling, all the way towards the end. 

Love y'all. 

I'm loving... October.

Happy Friday