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Date Night | At-Home Spa


It may sound silly, but last week Chris and I decided to have a little spa night at home. We're both suffering from dry, itchy skin... and we're just worn out! I think it's because we are ready to be done with winter :) Often, we will come home from work/law school and eat dinner and watch a few episodes of Parks and Rec. There's certainly nothing wrong with that, but we were ready to break the monotony! 

We got a couple of face masks at Target, then went home and grabbed everything that said "relax" to us - red wine, candles, my huge container of body lotion, and do.terra essential oils. We found the cheesy "soundscapes" channel on TV - and it was surprisingly relaxing, just like we were at a spa! After a few minutes of giggling, we decided we would give each other foot massages with the lotion I have. It was awesome.



We spent time just chatting, sharing things we'd spotted on the internet that week and asking random questions. I learned Chris is really great with geography! We got to talking about far-off countries (What do you think it's like there? Jungle? What are the people like?) and Chris named every country and island south and east of Thailand, then I checked on a map. I was very impressed. We're also big fans of Rob Lowe's character on P&R, and often complimented each other with "literally". It really does make you feel great to hear someone say, "this is - literally - the best foot massage I've ever had!"



After our feet were thoroughly relaxed, we took Lavender oil and put two drops on the bottoms of our feet and put on thick, cozy socks to lock in the moisture. It was heavenly. We sat for a bit, finishing our glasses of wine, and then tried the masks. They were pretty funny! Chris was a great sport. We left them on for the recommended time of 5 minutes, then used warm washcloths to take them off. 



It really was such a fun experience, and while it's great for couples, this would be fun to do with your friends as well! We slept so well after being all bliss-ed out, and we loved serving each other in a new way. (And I'll be honest... after we took off our masks, we watched an episode of Parks and Rec. It was - literally - the perfect ending to our evening!) 

All images via That's Pretty Ace

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