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Drink | Moonshine Sweet Tea


I'll be the first to say I am ready for summertime. I'm ready to pack up my coats and boots and trade them for shorts and sandals - drive with my sunroof open, and drink a Farmer's Tan outside. And I think this summer, I'm going to try making it with this delicious Moonshine Sweet Tea!

Moonshine Sweet Tea is run out of Austin, making all natural concentrated tea for the masses (and no, it doesn't have moonshine in it)! You may notice it on shelves in Whole Foods throughout Texas. Only made from tea, water, and pure cane sugar, Moonshine's recipe has not changed since the 1940's. Impressive and delicious. 

I think while I'm waiting for the warm weather to come back, I'm going to try this tea mixed with a little whiskey and honey... hot toddy, anyone? 



And a special thank you to Samantha for sending me this sample! It is certainly well-appreciated :) 

All images via That's Pretty Ace

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