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Book Club?


I purchased Jennie Allen's latest book last week, Restless, and it is so incredibly wonderful. Our hearts are so restless to find purpose and to make a difference - and Jennie has such a unique perspective to offer. I started the book on Saturday morning but quickly got to thinking, "this is something I want to share with people!" 

So I was wondering... would any of you ladies be interested in having a book club? We could pick a date to have the book read by, then get together and chat about it as a group - my place, I'll provide the coffee and sweet tea ;) If you're far away, we can Skype you in! But I would highly recommend that if you're in the DFW area to join me and come on over for great conversation and making new friends.

If you're interested, comment on this post or feel free to email me (thatsprettyace@gmail.com)! I'm looking forward to hearing from you :)

UPDATE: Book club is on!

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