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Drink | Moscow Mule


The delicious, the wonderful, Moscow Mule. I know you may not recognize it without it's signature copper mug, but don't worry - it's still just as delicious.

Chris and I have had a bottle of Tito's Vodka sitting on the shelf for awhile now - neither of us are big vodka drinkers, but we know that it's a good liquor to have on hand. When we were out at Goodfriend for dinner last weekend (yum), I spotted several girls at the table nearby with those copper mugs. "MULES!" How could I have forgotten that we could make such a delicious drink with our vodka?

Moscow Mules are fairly old-school, as far as cocktails go. A popular drink in the 50's, the Mule was born out of excess quantities. John Martin had acquired Smirnoff Vodka, but Americans weren't buying it. A friend owned a copper plant, and extra amounts of copper mugs. Jack Morgan, a friend of Martin's, owned a pub with a few too many ginger beers downstairs. Made with lime juice, vodka, and ginger beer, a Moscow Mule is refreshing and simple. 



Here's how you make it...

  • Pour 2 ounces of vodka into a highball glass over ice. 
  • Squeeze in two wedges of lime, or 1 ounce fresh lime juice.
  • Top it off with ginger beer, and enjoy! 

And if you do want the mug... World Market has them :) 


All images via That's Pretty Ace

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