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A Lovely Wedding Invitation


Isn't this gorgeous? I was researching Molly Jacque's work the other day and stumbled upon this lettering she did for Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. For $250, Molly will custom letter your wedding invitation and send you the digital copy to print on whatever you'd like, in any color you like. The staff at MSW took things to the next level by printing Molly's work in a peachy pink on translucent Japanese paper, then rolled it up and tied it loosely with velvet ribbon. 

I must say that to receive custom work of that caliber for $250 is completely worth it. Molly is such a talented and well-known artist (and if you're planning to send out a multitude of invitations, ordering a digital file to print yourself can be so cost-effective). I love that MSW's treatment makes this feel like an invitation to an elegant garden party, hidden away in someone's backyard... 

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