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Blogging Basics | Wrapping Up


This series has been so much fun, and I'm really glad you guys have enjoyed it. I'm definitely scheming of ways to come back to this! The kind of topics I've been writing about here are what we'll be covering in the Creative Business class for Rise. Also, if you're a blogger or looking to start a blog soon, I'm considering doing some one-on-one mentoring. (Would you be interested in that? I think it would be such a powerful way to grow in your blog!)

Starting this series, reading Restless, and working on Rise have all coincided with a big heart movement for me (more on that in a few weeks!). And when it comes to jumping out there into the creative world (or anything, seriously), these are the three things I'd suggest for you to remember. When I first started reading Jennie's book a month ago, I took these notes and have kept coming back to them... 

Using your gifts for the glory of God has an incredible benefit for you - bringing you closer to God. If we were more active using our gifts, then we'd have less time to spend comparing ourselves to others. And we'd be filling ourselves with confidence from God, so the desire for other's approval would lessen - not completely go away, but lessen.

Successes can look different to different people. We can't list out our success and compare it someone else's because it will be different - we have to rest in what God has for us and view that as a success. "I feel my dream is so small. I feel like I don't have time to dream." We have to change our ideas of what's big and what's small. Obedience to God is what we're after and that's big. 

Comparison is a thief - and some of us struggle with comparing friendships. We see other women and how they are so close and we crave that. The best thing you can do to fight that is to reach out to people with an honest and open heart. Community is such a game-changer. When you're with people who are like-minded and grace-giving, I promise you'll find freedom there. It's also easy to look at people and think "gosh, I want my THING." But realize that God is using you to bring you to His THING for you. Everyone's on a different road - maybe you feel like what you're doing right now is totally random. God is using that for His glory - it may take years before you can look back a realize, "oh, I've been doing my THING for a long time." :)

God is never going to take His eyes off of us. There's so much freedom and peace in that. If you're seeking His will to be done in all things... failure doesn't exist anymore. Of course, make smart business and financial decisions. Be a good steward of what resources you've been given, but ultimately try to follow His will for your life.

My husband, Chris, is in the process of interviewing for several different positions. We were both struck by the story in Acts of the apostles choosing a man to replace Judas in their ministry. Two men were nominated - both highly qualified for the job, and either would've been an excellent choice. The apostles prayed, and cast lots. There was no comparison between the two, they just picked one. l'm certain if I was the unchosen man, Barsabbas, I'd be pretty upset. I'd think they didn't choose Matthias over me for a good reason. But the beauty in that is that God's will was done through both of their lives. We don't learn the rest of Barsabbas story, but even him being called in that moment as a nomination was a highlighted moment in the early church - explaining how to seek out members to add to your leadership. I wish I could tell you that the rest of Barsabbas's life was wonderful and moving, but I don't know; it's not for me to know. But I feel very certain that God's will was worked in that, and it's worth it to stay close to Him.

Pray for His will to be done in your life and in others. God is with you, He is for you, He is in you. Let the light shine.

Image via That's Pretty Ace, painting via siiso

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