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What to Wear in Engagement Pictures


For several years, I primarily took portraits & shot weddings and it was such an exciting time in my life. One of the questions I got asked most is, "what should we wear?" And I totally get it. It can be challenging.

Especially when it's something like engagement pictures - you're probably going to be using these on your save the dates and possibly even your wedding day invites. If you decide to create a webpage for your site, you'll be using these. And you'll most likely print a few to use in your home decor. So where does one start? 



I would suggest picking out two outfits - one more dressy, and one more casual. Look through your closet. What makes you feel your best? What is most authentically "you"? Same for your guy. What do you catch him wearing on dates again and again? What's his favorite color to wear? Then that's what you should wear. :)



There really are no "rules" to what you should wear. Just wear what makes you feel your best! Do consider color choices, since they'll most likely end up hanging in your house... but be comfortable, and when you wear something that makes you feel good, it also makes you look good :) 

PS - that pink pashmina wasn't planned, but it ended up being the perfect pop of color for our pictures! Thank you, Florida, for being a bit too chilly that October morning. I'm so glad I grabbed that on my way out the door! 

All images by Lauren Kinsey

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