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Dallas Eats... The Porch


Chris is out of town this week (enjoying his spring break from law school - he's certainly earned it!), so as a send-off last Friday, we ate at one of our favorite restaurants: The Porch.

Located in a cute/cool little cottage on Henderson, The Porch serves up homestyle food and mean cocktails. We especially love sitting on the actual porch, where the candlelight creates the most amazing atmosphere. We ordered crab cake salad and the grilled cheese, tried a new-to-us hoppy IPA (Pedernales Classic) and a blood orange margarita. We took our time eating and just enjoying a little time together. Plus, the food was amazing so we wanted to drag out the experience for as long as possible! It's so nice to get out and see each other in (literally) a different light from time to time. There's something about a quiet candle-lit table that makes things feel so special and different. After dinner, we walked around on Henderson for a few minutes, just peeking in the windows of other restaurants. There's the sweetest little alleyway beside the restaurant that leads back to their parking lot with vines growing all around. It's little moments like this that take me back to when we first started dating four years ago. 

So if you're looking for a casual, romantic evening, we highly recommend The Porch. If you're feeling especially indulgent, order the mac n' cheese ;) If not, the crab cakes are beyond awesome. They do have some great rotating specials as well. Bon appetit! 

Image via That's Pretty Ace

Happy Friday!

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