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Getting Creative in the Kitchen

I'll admit, I've been a little uninspired when cooking lately... besides finding the most amazing curry at Trader Joe's, these past few weeks have been decidedly uninventive and, more often that not, I want to just grab Chick Fil A and call it a night!

Thankfully, Chris and I have been on a major smoothie & homemade granola kick this week. He came back from spring break and I returned from a bachelorette weekend - we both needed to hit "reset" on our stomachs. 

So to recharge my desire to provide healthy, satisfying meals at home, I'm looking to Love & Lemons, an Austinite with a delicious blog. She understands my love of flavor ;) Here are a few picks I'd love to try... 

Peanut Soba Springrolls...

Baked sweet potatoes... 

Black bean & quinoa burgers... yum!

From the above recipes, you might think we're opposed to meats... I promise, we aren't! But I do love finding unique ways to get more vegetables in my system. I'm so bad about it! I want something saucy and fulfilling, so I try to hide as many veggies as I can into what I'm making. It works! And go check out Love & Lemons - you might get lost in her Recipes section, in a good kind of way :) 

Happy Friday!

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