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Meet a Ruby... Jennifer Lee


Jennifer and I have always been blessed to be not only related, but also good friends. It's nice having someone so close in age at every family gathering :) We were very close in junior high and early high school, spent a great amount of time together our freshman year of college, and now that we are both married and living in Dallas, our friendship has reached a whole new level. Chris and I often spend time with Jennifer and her husband (also Christopher!), and it's such a blessing to know another couple whom we connect with so well. It has really grown and blossomed our marriages – God is good! Jennifer often shares with me the trials she experiences in teaching, and her stories are amazing. Her heart is so special, and if you're looking for some motivation today, you'll find it here...

(ps, these pictures were taken at Dallas Heritage Village, where Christopher proposed to Jennifer, and they later held their wedding reception! It's totally cute. Check it out.)

Tell us about yourself! My name is Jennifer Lee and I grew up in Arlington, but love living in Dallas. I am a teacher and I have taught 6th grade Science for two years and am excited to be moving down to teach elementary next year :)

What inspires you? I am so inspired by seeing my students succeed. Many days are a struggle, but seeing some of these students try so hard is so inspiring. I feel inspired to be the best example that I can be to be able to show these students character qualities that will help them be successful in everyday life. 

What are your gifts and talents? I think a few gifts and strengths that I have is a lot of patience and I am a good listener. These are things that I have been told since I was young and think that they have really guided more towards my profession.

How do you use your gifts to serve others? Ever since I was a little girl I have always dreamed of being a teacher. I really believe that it is my big purpose in life to reach as many students as I can. I feel confident every day knowing that I am using the gifts God has given me and blessed me with. My job is NOT easy that is for sure, and it seems like at times I feel more like I am failing than using these gifts like a should, but with a lot of prayer I have seen small successes that make it all worth it.



What would you do if you had nothing holding you back from your dreams? I truly feel that I am doing what I have always been led to do.  I pray that I can become a better teacher and example daily, so I can truly be what God has planned.

Share your proudest moment. My proudest moment to me isn’t just one thing. It would be those rare times when my students look at me during a lesson and tell me that I am a good teacher, or trust in me enough to share with me something important. It is those few students that I had last year who come to my classroom begging to have me again this year. It is those times that the student who constantly fails has a success. These are those times where I feel like God is telling me and reassuring me that this is what I have been called to do. That I am making a positive impact and having some sort of connection, which is my prayer every day I am headed to work.



I feel my purpose in life is to... show God’s love to children who may have no other hope. I have really seen that sharing God and his love can be done in so many ways that is not just talking about God. I have found that just being a strong example of kindness and love can make such an impact. For so many of my students school is a safe place where they can get away from all the negativity from their home life, and I pray every day that I can be that love and example through God that they so desperately need.

Yes, yes, yes, Amen! Thank you so much for sharing your heart, Jennifer... love you and the woman you are.

Each Wednesday I'll introduce another Ruby, so be sure to check back again next week! And I highly encourage you to ask yourself these questions. As more and more Rubies are introduced here on TPA, you'll be able to more easily identify your own struggles, triumphs, and dreams in the lives of these women. Pray and seek guidance for your own gifts and skills. Share your thoughts and ideas with your close friends (in fact, they'd probably be able to answer these questions about you pretty easily!). Ask the Holy Spirit to move in you... your "every day" life is beautiful. Confidently use it to serve The Lord.

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