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Book Club is On!


Hooray! Several of you reached out to me about joining the book club, and we're going to get started! The plan is for us to read the book in it's entirety (or as far as you can) and then meet at my apartment in Dallas to discuss our thoughts and learnings as we read. I'd love for each of you who said you were interested to comment on this post and let me know which of the Saturdays below work for you. Then I will tally together the responses and whichever Saturday the most of you could come will be our date to meet! If it happens that the date decided upon doesn't work for you, we can Skype you in - and if that's not a possibility, there will be a recap of our discussion on the blog the week following our meet-up. So let me know! We would meet from 1:00-4:00.

April 26

May 3

May 17

June 7

(And if you're looking for the original post about meeting up, you can check it out here!)


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