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Hi, "Restless" girls!


I was so late to this train, but I found an awesome & helpful tool for reading the "Restless" study - a video series! Jennie and her friend Jamie Ivey got together for eight Mondays and posted live video chats to work through the book. THANKFULLY, if you're like me and missed out until the last study, you can watch all of them on Jennie's blog. They are so worth your time. 

I've been listening to them while at work, just working through one every few days. They're each an hour long, and I think they'd be great to listen while working out as well! These girls are so sweet, and remind me of my own friendships (for instance, telling each other to fix their hair, making Lord of the Ring references, etc.). They're hilarious and honest. Jennie and Jamie also bring on a few friends to interview each week, and I loved getting to meet them. Some had global projects making waves in big ways, and some shared how they share the Gospel at home in their own backyard. Really cool stuff. 



I finished reading the book last weekend, and it was great - but I highly encourage you to watch a few of the videos as well. It really takes things to the next level. This book is MEANT to be shared and discussed, and I'm so glad we're going to meet up and chat about it! 

If you're still interested in joining us, just share your email address with me! We're meeting on June 7 from 1-4 at my apartment in Dallas. I'd love to meet you! This is going to be such an inspiring exercise to work through our fears and dreams in this way. Please bring your threads written out when you come :) And don't worry - I'll send out an email reminder to all of you when the date gets closer! Love you all! 

Happy Friday!