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DIY Jewelry | Modern Elegance


Isn't she lovely??? Carrie and I teamed up again to make a gorgeous necklace - and equally gorgeous is how easy it is to make. And it costs less than $20!

You'll need...

  • Wooden beads | we found ours at Hobby Lobby, $2.50 for a large pack, 20mm in diameter.
  • Silk ribbon | we ordered our gorgeous dip-dyed ribbon from here.
  • Spacer beads | modern, fun, rose gold.
  • Spray paint | Carrie had some leftover from another project and the color was great! See what you might have hiding around the house... 
  • Painter's tape

Also keep in mind that for this project, you'll end up with enough supplies to make two of these! You could plan to make one for you and give one to a friend :) This could also make a great Mother's Day gift...! If you do go with different beads than the ones we got, make sure the holes are wide – you want your ribbon to look pretty and not pinched.



Using the painter's tape, tape off one half of the wooden beads. We used the holes in each side as a guide for our "center". We also noticed that the tape can hold up the bead for painting purposes! It sits up and you can spray from all angles. Perfect!

Let the beads dry, and even give them a few extra minutes than you think they'll need. Don't worry if they're a little imperfect! I love the hand-made, organic quality that adds when the paint edges aren't perfectly straight. Since the paint we had on hand was a glossy outdoor type, we sanded the beads a bit to take the gloss down a notch. Then grab your ribbon and measure out 3.5 to 4 feet of it... depending on how long you want it, and you'll want plenty of extra to tie with. We trimmed ours to nearly 4 feet.

Then you can start stringing! The silk might be a little tricky to get through the wooden beads, and Carrie showed me this trick... Scotch tape. Just wrap a little bit of scotch tape around the end of the ribbon, making it skinny and straight, like the end of a shoelace! It makes it so much easier to thread it through beads. Once you're done stringing, you can just trim off the ends with the tape - we angled the cut for pretty edges :) Now you're ready to tie on your necklace! Gorgeous.



Thanks for the tips, Carrie! Now I'm dreaming up all kinds of color combos...

Images via That's Pretty Ace

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