Hi. I'm Brittany.

I'm a brand designer & a writer saved by grace, sharing joy in the simplest ways.

Happy Friday!


Thank you all so much for your sweet response to The Ruby Project! I can't wait to keep sharing these women's hearts with you. This has been such a special process, and I'm honored to have the opportunity to use TPA in this way. Hope you all are gearing up for a fun & restful weekend!

+ some links for your weekend:

Sidenote - I'm working to get back into regular running (I was running every day in summer 2012 and since then have been doing it sporadically). I've been posting my runs to Instagram so I can hold myself accountable, and it's a really good way for me to track how I'm doing! I apologize for flooding your newsfeed regularly with run stats, but I'm also curious if any of you out there would want to do this, too? I'm using Nike+ Running on my phone when I run, and post directly from there. It would be so fun to keep up with each other - it's so motivating for me to see others getting out there and running, too! Feel free to comment with your Instagram handle, and I'll follow you :) 

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